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15 Best Headphones For Kids To Buy In 2019…


Best Headphones For Kids To Buy In 2019

When their friends have just got a new pair of headsets, then be ready as your child will soon put forth a request to you. Moreover, they wouldn’t want just a simple pair as they have to be special and different from what their friends have.

Kids’ headphones have to be snazzy, vibrant, trendy and safe for their ears. If you are on the lookout for headphones, then read on as MomJunction has brought you a list of the best headphones for kids.

Do kids need headphones?

Yes, headphones can be useful for children in various ways. We have listed a few here:

  1. Protect them from loud noises: The ears of children are delicate and require protection from loud and blaring noises. Whether you are traveling with your child on a plane, attending a show or shopping at a busy market place, the noise levels can scare them and sometimes damage their ears too. In such situations, wearing headphone helps.

  1. In-ear audio pieces are unsafe: The in-ear phones are designed to snuggle the ear from inside and hence can be harmful to your child’s eardrums, unlike over-the-ear headphones (1).
  1. Inbuilt volume control technology: Headphones for children have a distinct feature of volume control, which is not present in earphones. Children cannot raise the volume to damaging levels in the headphones.

Buying the right headphones is not easy with several options available in the market. Therefore, in the next section, we’ll tell you how you can choose the right set for your child.

How to pick the right headphones for children?

Consider these important points while buying a headphone for your kid.

  1. Size of the headphone: An over-the-ears headphone should be neither too tight nor too loose. It must sit perfectly on the kid’s head, covering the ears.
  1. Durability: Children tend to accidentally break things. Therefore, their headphones must be durable and made of high-quality materials.
  1. Volume control: Kids are sometimes fascinated by loud sounds but could be unaware of the damage high volume can do to their ears. Buy the headphones that have a volume control mechanism and where parents can control the volume operation.
  1. Consider your child’s specific needs: Children with dyslexia and those on ototoxic medicines are at a higher risk of hearing related problems. They would also require protection against high noises. Noise-cancellation headphones might help such children be safe in noisy situations (2) (3).

Headphones help children listen to their favorite music, watch movies or listen to books and their lessons without disturbing the others at home. However, they need to follow certain safety precautions.

Safety instructions to follow while using headphones

Here are the measures your child needs to take:

  • To keep the ears and skin of your kid protected, limit the headphone usage to two hours a day.
  • Set a volume control or buy a headphone with inbuilt sound control mechanism.
  • Advise your children to take frequent breaks while using the headphones and unplug for a while.
  • Buy a headphone which is child-friendly and made of safe materials as per the industry standards.
  • Educate and counsel your child on the usage of a headphone and the risks involved in using them for long hours.
  • Use a headphone which snuggles perfectly on the head and is not too tight on the ears.

Now, let’s see some of the best headphones you can buy for your child.

15 Best Headphones For Children

We have categorized the headphones:


These are designed specifically to protect your child’s ears from loud noises.

1. Baby banz earmuffs

Baby banz earmuffs


  • They are specially designed for infants and toddlers as they block harmful noises.
  • The cushion padding is gentle on the ears.
  • Ultra lightweight and compact size make them travel-friendly.
  • Comes in various designs.
  • Sturdy and durable for all the adventures your kid wants to have.
  • The noise reduction rating (NRR) is 31 decibels.

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2. ProShow baby earmuffs

ProShow baby earmuffs


  • These headphones promise comfort and noise reduction.
  • They weigh just 190 grams, are gentle and fit well on the kid’s ears.
  • The unique square cups give them a stylish look and keep them secure on the ears.
  • Wireless and all plastic adjustable headband make it convenient to use.
  • Available in two colors, pink and blue.

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3. Snug baby earmuffs

Snug baby earmuffs


  • The earmuffs have an NRR of 23 decibels.
  • They block loud noises effectively and allow soft and calming sounds.
  • They are versatile in design and portable for travel.
  • Babies can have a sound sleep wearing these headphones as they block disruptive noises.
  • The earmuffs are designed with thick cushioning and soft padding to insulate and keep the ears protected.
  • Durable design made with high-quality materials.

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4. Bebe muff hearing protection headphones

Bebe muff hearing protection headphones


  • The ergonomic design offers extra comfort and reduces blaring and dangerous noises.
  • The headband and cups have a soft cushioning for the ears and head.
  • The length of the headphone’s rim is 10 inches and can be extended when pulled out.
  • Certified as per the US standards for noise reduction.
  • Lighter in weight, compact and durable design.

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5. BBTKCARE baby ear protection noise canceling headphones

BBTKCARE baby ear protection noise canceling headphones


  • The noise cancelling and reduction headphones are designed with zero pressure earmuffs to fit the ears gently.
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust headband for a perfect fit.
  • Made of high-quality materials, light and compact.

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Headphones for listening to audio

Here are some of the premium, noise canceling headphones for children.

6. Dr. Meter adjustable headband

Dr. Meter adjustable headband


  • They are tailor-made for smaller ears and are gentle and comfortable.
  • Having an NRR of 27 decibels, they block noises in crowded places, airports etc.
  • Comfortable to wear as they are made with an adjustable soft polyurethane material that fits any head size.
  • The headphones have 360-degree cups, which can be folded and rotated easily.
  • Certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and CE European standards.

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7. MPow kids headphones

MPow kids headphones


  • This wired headphone is equipped with a unique feature of limiting the volume to a maximum of 85 decibels.
  • The cable is tangle resistant and easy to wind up.
  • It is made of child-friendly food grade material.
  • Has a built-in sharing interface which is perfect for families having more than one child.
  • Comes with adjustable headbands.
  • The 3.5mm audio jack ensures wide compatibility with various devices like audio books, iPods, laptops etc.

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8. Elecder i36 kids headphones

Elecder i36 kids headphones


  • Elecder wired headphones offer good quality sound with stereo bass sound effects.
  • Has a 3.5mm audio jack, which is compatible with several audio devices.
  • The cord length of the headphone is 4.9ft. Made of fabric, it is durable and does not tangle.
  • Adjustable headband suits any head size.
  • Lightweight, foldable and compact design makes it easy to carry.
  • Available in five shades.

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9. i-Clever kids headphones

i-Clever kids headphones


  • The volume limiting feature set to 85 decibels protects the eardrums of your precious kid.
  • These cat ear-shaped headphones are perfect for a fashionable kid.
  • Made from non-toxic high-grade material.
  • Certified by RoHS, EN71, CPSIA, FCC, it is safe from any negative effect on your kids.
  • Sturdy design protects the headphones from any damage.
  • Universal compatibility with a 3.5mm audio jack and a compact, sleek design.

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10. CozyPhones kids headphones

CozyPhones kids headphones


  • These headbands with built-in speakers are stylish, innovative and come with advanced technology.
  • Lightweight, compact and washable; the speakers are detachable.
  • The ultra-thin speakers have a volume limiting control enabled at 90 decibels to protect the eardrums from any damage.
  • The 52 inches braided cord is made of sturdy material to last long.
  • Universal compatibility with a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Available in 17 designs.

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11. Mumba wired volibolt ears headphones

Mumba wired volibolt ears headphones


  • The exclusive design of bolt ears makes it an outstanding choice for kids who love cartoons.
  • This headphone does not require a headphone as the specially designed shareport makes it easy and convenient to connect with other headphones.
  • The headphones are fitted with volume control features that limit the maximum volume to 85 decibels.
  • These Mumba headphones are made of food-grade materials, which are soft and twistable, making it safe for children to use.
  • The 1.2-meter cord is tangle-resistant and sturdy enough for carefree toddlers and older kids too.
  • 3.5mm audio jack enables connectivity with a wide number of devices and the 40mm drivers provide a sound range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

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12. Amazon Basics headphones

Amazon Basics headphones


  • Come in colorful designs.
  • Are lightweight and have cushion padding.
  • Acoustic design for children to limit the volume to 85 decibels in compliance with EN50332.
  • Universal 3.5mm audio plug compatible with all devices

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13. One Audio headphones

One Audio headphones


  • Built-in 85 decibels volume control technology.
  • 3D cartoon design of rabbits.
  • Made with high-quality polycarbonate, food grade material and has tangle-resistant cords.
  • These headphones are made of eco-friendly and child-friendly material.
  • Soft cushion padding made with foam.
  • Durable and compact design to last long.

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14. Kids headphones

Kids headphones


  • The built-in sharing port enables connectivity with multiple headphones.
  • Volume control technology for a safe listening experience.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and soft ear pads.
  • Come with 40mm sound drivers with a range of 20hz to 20khz.

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15. Nanos children headphones

Nanos children headphones


  • These headphones come with volume control.
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable ear pads with extra cushioning.
  • Easy to fold, adjust and carry around.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices.

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While buying headphones for your child, consider some basic points such as its material quality, sound quality, connectivity to multiple devices and durability because you would not want to buy a new set very often. Buy a pair that can last long and remains trendy too.

Did you buy headphones for your children? Let us know your experience in the comments section below

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring in our list.


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