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5 Marriage Details It's Not Okay To Tell Your Friends!…


5 Marriage Details It's Not Okay To Tell Your Friends!

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There is no such thing called a ‘perfect marriage.’ Every marriage has it’s own highs and lows and each couple finds their own way of dealing with it. One common way to deal with the day-to-day stress in marriage is by pouring our hearts out to our close friends. As ideal as it may sound, you need to know that you can’t share everything with your friends. Because, if you aren’t cautious, this very habit of yours can get your marriage into trouble. Which is why it is important to know the kind of things about your marriage that you shouldn’t share with your buddies. Here is a list of 5 such things:

1. Your Financial Situation

Your Financial Situation

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We all are guilty of jealousy at some point in life. And financial comparisons easily breed envy. At the onset, you might think that it’s probably harmless to share our financial issues. However, if your friend happens to be better off than you, she might look down upon you. And if it’s vice versa, she might end up being jealous of you. Either way, it’ll cost you your friendship if nothing else.

2. What Happens In Bedroom, Stays Within Its Confines

What Happens In Bedroom, Stays Within Its Confines

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One of the things that you should strictly not share with your friends is your between-the-sheet misadventures. Quite often, you might end up disclosing more to your friends than you would have actually intended to. For instance, avoid discussing private details like your husband’s performance, his lack of interest, or even enacting your fantasies. This might back-fire by hurting your own self-esteem when your friends will eventually start to gossip about it.

3. Never Share Details Of Any Fights

Never Share Details Of Any Fights

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Often couples say a lot of stuff, most of which is totally uncalled for, in a fit of rage. Usually, what’s told in an argument doesn’t necessarily go with someone’s values and beliefs. And it would be quite natural for you to feel hurt. And when you share such details with your friends, they are sure to get outraged too. However, once you patch up with your husband (which you definitely will), he’ll surely apologize and you both might bury the matter. But, this doesn’t happen with your friends. You would have permanently damaged your husband’s impression in their opinion.

4. Don’t Discuss Your Husband’s Family Members

Don't Discuss Your Husband's Family Members

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It is not necessary that you’ll hit it off well with all your husband’s family members. You may not get along with one or the other person in his household. Still, avoid sharing your pet peeves about that particular person with a friend, especially if it’s a common friend of your husband and your’s. Because, if your husband gets to hear about it from a friend, irrespective of how good your friend’s intentions may be, it’ll still end up hurting him. For, no one likes a family member being disrespected in their circle of friends.

5. Don’t Whine Constantly

Don't Whine Constantly

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Sharing some of the issues in your marriage is fine to an extent for your friends. However, if you are constantly whining about them each time you meet, chances are that your friends will soon categorize you as a whiner. The thing about whining is that it soon tends to get predictable and you’ll not even know when that happens. One sure-shot sign that you’ve become a whiner is when your friends start avoiding you more often. This is also not good for your own reputation. So, steer clear of discussing your marriage issues ALL the time.

We hope that now you’ve got an idea as to what you should, and should not, share with your friends about your marriage. Yes, we all need a friend to help us see a different perspective of our problems or even to lend a shoulder to us. But, when it comes to marriage, it is always prudent to be discreet. You don’t always need your friends to offload your woes. You can also have fun conversations and help yourself lighten up your mood. Because that’s what friends are actually for!

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