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Andrea’s Breast Reduction Surgery Journey…


In this video, Andrea describes her experience having breast reduction surgery.

Andrea Boyd is a 23 year old female from Dallas, Texas. After a life of pain caused by her large breasts, she had finally had enough. Six months ago, she decided to have breast reduction surgery with Dr. Whitlock at Whitlock Cosmetic Surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although the doctor’s office was nearly 4 hours from where she lived, two of Andrea’s family members had procedures performed by Dr. Whitlock and both were extremely happy.

Background Information:

Andrea is an extremely athletic person. She frequently exercises and plays basketball. Due to the size of her G cup breasts, she endured many years of pain and pressure on her shoulders and back. To make matters even worse, Andrea is a fitness instructor and frequently had to wear multiple sports bras to support the weight of her breasts. Her large breasts also created a problem when she would shop for clothes. Clothes made by the mainstream retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Target, Macy’s, etc., did not fit her and she was forced to shop at more expensive specialty lingerie retailers online.

This video covers Andrea’s journey immediately following her reduction surgery and leaves off 6 months post-op. In it, she talks about her consultation, surgery, and her recovery process over a period of 6 months. She discusses the experience of having surgery and the IV, general anesthesia and post-op recovery that goes went along with her procedure. She describes the uncomfortable experience of having to sleep upright post-surgery with tight compression garments on and the difficultly she had doing her hair and putting on clothes.

In the months that followed her procedure, Andrea discusses the small infection she developed, how she likes her new breasts and tips to decrease the bruising and swelling that comes along with any major surgery. She discusses her post-surgery breast size of a D cup and how most of her friends wondered why she would still want such large breasts.

In the end, Andrea was very satisfied with her smaller breasts and the ability to be more mobile and shop at mainstream retailers. She talks about how nice it was when she was finally able to try on regular bathing suits.

Tips Andrea Offers in This Video:

– Buy button-down shirts, which can easily be put on following surgery.
– Have your hair placed into braids prior to surgery to make hair
maintenance simple post-op.
– Ask your doctor if your breast reduction will impact breastfeeding.
The surgical technique your doctor picks will determine this and you
should be sure to discuss it with your surgeon at your initial
– Use Arnica Cream to reduce bruising.

To read more about Andrea’s experience having breast reduction surgery, visit: http://bit.ly/2u0Bh66