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Auto Driver Rushes Pregnant Lady To Hospital, Takes Care of Baby …


Auto Driver Rushes Pregnant Lady To Hospital

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We rarely see instances where a person goes out of their way to help somebody in distress and restore our faith in humanity. One of the worst nightmares of a pregnant woman is not making it to the hospital in time. There are times when a woman gives birth in a car, or on the footpath and it makes it to the news. Although it does happen rarely, it is not a pleasant experience for any mother-to-be. A woman may have had to endure the same fate if she hadn’t met the right man at the right place and time. Destiny works in mysterious ways. But in spite of everything, there are things which are beyond our control.

Babu Muddrapa, an auto driver, found a pregnant woman in labor on Whitefield road in Bengaluru City. She was in pain and crying for help. These days, when a person won’t take even a second to glance if you are met with an accident and lying in the middle of the road, Babu did something incredible. Seeing the woman in labor, he took her to a nearby hospital. The doctors there asked him to take the lady to CV Raman Hospital where she needed to be admitted. Babu did as he was directed by the hospital staff and doctors.

Care of Baby

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Babu said that since the woman was in great discomfort, he didn’t ask her any questions. Upon reaching the hospital, he just filled the admission form with his details. He came to know that the woman’s name was Nanditha during the admission process. That was the only information he had of the woman. The woman’s delivery was preterm. She gave birth to a baby girl who was 2 months premature. The baby weighed about 850 grams. Since the baby was premature, Babu was asked to take the baby to Bowring Hospital for further treatment, and he did. However, after returning to CV Raman Hospital, he came to know that the mother of the baby had fled.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Regardless of everything that he had done for the baby and the mother all this while, what he did next was the most heroic act. He sympathized with the newborn and decided to adopt the baby girl and raise her as his own. He would work in the noon hours and visit the hospital at night. He always made sure to visit the baby.

According to reports, the infant suffered from severe breathing difficulty during the initial stages, but she recovered, and there were some signs of improvement. Babu did everything he could to keep the baby girl healthy. He took care of the food and medicines for the baby. However, Babu did not disclose how much money he had to spend taking care of the baby. But things took a sad turn when the baby’s health started deteriorating. The infant passed away after a stay of 18 days in the hospital.

We are sure that’s not the ending you were hoping for in this story. It is one of those stories that will strike a chord with anyone who reads or hears about it. But sometimes the road to life will take an unexpected turn. And no matter how hard we try, fate cannot be orchestrated. But the one thing that we can take away from stories like this is a single act of selflessness can create a ripple effect. So the next time you see someone who needs a helping hand, don’t turn away. Instead, help them in any way that you can. If there are more people like Babu, our world would be a much better and safe place to live in. Don’t you agree?

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