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Breast Augmentation Before & After on The Doctors TV Show…


Visit https://goo.gl/xfjwx6 to learn more about the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® procedure. Watch as Dr. Ghavami explains his flash recovery breast augmentation technique on the Doctors TV show.

Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® is a concept based on the innovative quick recovery techniques and philosophy first published by innovative Dallas-based surgeon Dr. John Tebbetts.

– Recovery system that is quick and rapid
– Most patients able to carry out many everyday activities within 24 hours of the operation
– Very little bleeding
– Tends to create a natural breast appearance
– Much shorter operation time

Dr. Ghavami’s extensive experience performing all facets of breast surgery has designated him as a premier provider of breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. An aspect of Dr. Ghavami that distinguishes him from other plastic surgeons is an unyielding commitment to performing cosmetic procedures that look natural, organic, and comprehensively complementary to the patient’s innate features.

Dr. Ghavami also makes use of special techniques that minimize scarring and decrease recovery time; many patients that undergo breast augmentation with Dr. Ghavami are able to resume many routine activities after only a day post operation.

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