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Breast Enhancement Pumps & Suction Devices for Natural Breast…


Breast pumps and suction devices are becoming more popular for breast enlargement even though a lot of women aren’t really sure how they work. All they know is that these pumps are a lot less risky and expensive compared to surgery.

How They Work

The basis on how breast enhancement pumps work isn’t nothing new, as doctors have been using tissue expansion for a long time in a variety of reconstructive procedures. These pumps create tissue expansion on your breasts by applying a certain amount of tension on your breasts. This consistent tension applied to your breasts will make cells in your body increase and reshape your boobs by producing new breast tissue.

Just like any tissue in your body when it experiences any kind of tension and the flow of blood is increased it’ll grow. When you use breast pumps or suction devices this is the same kind of principle that takes place. In order to create this tension required to help your breasts grow you’ll need to apply the pump on your breasts for about 30 minutes each day. When you begin pumping you will experience some swelling as more blood flow is being sent towards your breasts.

It is this swelling that will cause more breast tissue to develop. However, just because you don’t experience any swelling doesn’t mean your breast tissue isn’t getting enlarged. Every woman is different and some women have dense breast tissue that will not swell as much, but will still grow.

These pumps can even be used by males to help increase the size of their breasts too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man because the pump works just like if you were to repeatedly work out your muscles. The more you use the pump it will stretch and swell the tissues in your breasts to make them expand and grow.

Is It Safe

Even though these pumps aren’t totally natural they are a much safer option than silicone or saline implants. There are some women who might experience some skin reaction when they use them, but this is normal if you are just beginning to use the pump.

You may also feel some pain if you over-pump. This is why it’s very important with whatever suction device you use you should follow the directions that comes with the product. With that being said, if you use the pump as directed you won’t feel any pain or experience any kind of injury.

Always remember that if you feel any kind of pain while using the Noogleberry you are pumping too much, and you should release some of the pressure until you feel more comfortable. If you feel like you have over-pumped simply take a break from pumping for a day or two and then resume.

Is The Increase in Breast Size Permanent

Long term use of breast pumps will produce permanent results. Even after you quit using the pump you shouldn’t see any reduction in the size of your breasts if you have been consistently using the pumping mechanism over a long period of time. Some women like to continue using the pump even after they’ve reached the size they desire just to keep their breasts firm and to help maintain fullness.

It will take anywhere from 4 months to a year of continual use to see permanent results from pumping. It really all depends on the individual and how persistent they are day in and day out with their pumping routine.

When it comes to breast pumps and suction devices there are a number of different products to choose from. The most popular and most effective products include Noogleberry and Brava Breast.


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Noogleberry is one of the best breast enhancement pumping systems, as a lot of women have achieved success with it. The way this breast pump system is by encouraging blood flow to breasts so that they swell up and get bigger. The Noogleberry comes with a lot of variations such as dome sizes, nipple pumps, various tubing, clamps, and airlocks. However, just the basic tools that comes with the product are enough to get you started.

You will need to position the cup that comes with the product over your breasts, and allow the pump to gently create tension. In the beginning you will experience some immediate swelling that is only temporary, but after a while the swelling will turn into permanent growth.

It’s important to decide what size cups you need when you decide to purchase the Noogleberry system.

  • If your chest size is between 28 to 34 inches then you need the extra small breast cups or small breast cups.
  • If you’re chest size is anywhere between 30 to 36 inches you need to invest in the medium breast cups.
  • Go with large to extra large breast cups if your chest size is 34 to 44 inches.
  • Extra extra large brest cups are required if your chest size is 40 to 48 inches.
  • your chest size is between 28 to 34 inches then you need the extra small breast cups or small breast cups.
  • If you’re chest size is anywhere between 30 to 36 inches you need to invest in the medium breast cups.
  • Go with large to extra large breast cups if your chest size is 34 to 44 inches.
  • Extra extra large breast cups are required if your chest size is 40 to 48 inches.

Most women who use the Noogleberry system end up ordering the size small cups because they’re an A or B cup. However, we’ve noticed that it does good to order 1 size up from what you think will fit you, as even the small size cups will fit pretty narrow and won’t cover your entire breast. If you feel your breast size deserves the small sized cups you should order the medium just to be safe.

You want to always order with the circumference you desire to grow in mind, as you will eventually grow into it as you continue to use the pump over a period of time. With that being said, go for the medium sized cups or the contoured large size if you’re an A or B cup. Remember that it is always better to have too big than too small.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what comes with the Noogleberry system when you order it:

Using Noogleberry Once You Get It

When you begin using the Noogleberry you want the domes to have some room where your breast tissue can expand into. If you find that when you receive your Noogleberry breast pump system that the cups are too small for your breasts send them back for a bigger replacement. If your breasts fill up the cup you are going to need larger domes in order to get any kind of benefit from pumping. Domes that are smaller than your breasts will do you more harm than good, as they will compress your breasts.

Avoid using oily or greasy massage creams prior to performing your pump routine, as this will not allow proper seal and suction. Only use creams before and after you pump that will make your skin to cling more to the suction.

When pumping you can either pump and seal, or pump and release. Pump and seal is a method that involves keeping your breasts in the domes for a certain amount of time with consistent suction, and every now and then you will re-pump to keep up the pressure. When you pump and release you’ll be using more pressure and then instead of holding it you will release and then repeat. It is all up to you and what feels best to you. My advice is to experiment a bit until you find what works the best for you.

The amount of time you spend using the Noogleberry pump will vary from woman to woman. We recommend that you pump for at least one hour each day to get the long lasting results you desire. However, there are some women who spend 5 to 6 hours each day pumping, but it really depends on how much time you have.

The Brava Breast Enhancement System

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One of the most popular suction devices out there for non-surgical breast enhancement is the Brava System. Just like Noogleberry it works on the principle of tissue expansion to help make boobs bigger. Your cells will grow and expand when you apply the Brava’s gentle and consistent tension on your breast tissue.

A couple of semi-rigid domes come with the Brava system, and you will place these domes over the top of your breasts using a specially designed silicone seal to help keep the vacuum effect going. You will then use the SmartBox (a small computer) to control how much force the domes release on the breasts. A sports bra is what contains the whole Brava breast enhancement system, which makes it a very simple product to use.

Unlike the Noogleberry which costs roughly between $50 to $70, the Brava system can cost between $1,200 to $3,000. Also, users will have to keep the Brava bra on for around ten hours daily to achieve results, which is a sharp contrast to only 30 to 60 minutes for the Noogleberry. Most women report seeing results using this suction device persistently for about 2 months.

If you can deal with wearing this device on your breasts for long hours each day then you might find this device useful. Even though this product is expensive, don’t rush into purchasing it from second hand sources like eBay because they might turn out to be a cheap imitation that will just waste your time and money.

The issues some women have with this device is the fact that the silicone rim would cause them to itch all the time, especially if wearing during the summer heat. Since it’s required to have the device on for 10 hours at a time some people decide to sleep with it on, but can be a little uncomfortable.

Also, some reported to us that the alarm built in the smartbox would go off during the night for no reason at all and wake them up. Some women find wearing the Brava System unbearable after just a few weeks of using it. Despite all of these negatives there are some women who’ve reported seeing 1 to 2 cup size growth in their breasts after sticking with it and using the device for 15 weeks or longer.

Bosom Beauty 2012 System

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This is a breast pump that uses a vacuum system to grow your breast tissue without any medication, surgery, or pills. Once again this device uses tissue expansion to promote breast growth naturally.

With this system you will get a control box that has an alarm and digital timer built in, 4 pairs of breast domes that come in different sizes from A all the way to E cup. You will also receive 3 different sets of domes that are shaped at the base to give you a really tight seal when you apply the dome to your breasts. These domes also have measurement scales on them so you can see how big your boobs have gotten.

Unlike the Brava System you will only need to use this breast pump for 1 to 2 hours daily. What I like the most about this product is the fact that it comes with a 3 month warranty that will allow you to exchange or repair your Bosom Beauty product free of charge.

We haven’t heard too much feedback on how well this suction device works, but the few women we’ve talked who’ve tried it say they’ve experienced a cup increase in breast size within 2 months. This might be worth a try if you aren’t interested in Noogleberry and don’t have enough money to invest in the Brava System.

Enhance Breast Enlargement System

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The Enhance Breast Enlargement System is much like the Brava System, as it can be worn with a specially designed bra. The interesting thing about this breast suction device is the fact that it needs no batteries and doesn’t need to get charged. Unlike the rest of the pumps and suction devices shown here Enhance is completely silent so you can wear it discretely. There are three different sized domes that come along with the Enhance system, and each dome are shaped at the base so they can conveniently sit on your ribcage without causing any discomfort.

The Enhance system will need to be worn for a couple hours each day for about 2 months to see solid results. Wear the product like you would any normal bra and it will help stretch out your breast tissue (which will lead to permanent breast growth over time) by using a gentle suction action.

Instead of using a pump like the other devices listed here, Enhance requires you to use your own breath to to expel the air out of the domes. The suction will then be placed on your breasts and held for the duration of your session. For the next couple hours you won’t have to do anything else. You will get an Enhance body lotion, Enhance breast enhancement bra, cleansing wipes, storage box, and detailed directions on how to use the product. This breast suction device will run you about $170.

Some women who use these breast pumps and suction devices combine their pumping with massages, herbs, and other natural breast enlargement techniques to help their breast size increase even faster.


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