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Breastfeeding Tutorial | Hand Express Breast More Milk Supply-Bre…


Breastfeeding Tutorial | Hand Express Breast Milk | Hand Express Breast More Milk Supply

Breastfeeding Tutorial | Hand Express Breast More Milk Supply-Breastfeeding Tutorial 2018

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Hello Everyone in this Educational video…
Breastfeeding Tutorial #1||Hand Express Breast Milk||Hand Express Breast More Milk Supply

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we gonna learns how to express the milk in two ways the first one is by using an electric pump and the second is hand expression so if you are new mom or you ll be soon the breastfeeding is something you must learn now watch the video carefully

We I actually My spouse and used my hand pump. portable, quiet, to clean. worked within an office men of course, if it wasn’t for the sign I used to put on the conference room door “Lorraine is Expressing, please do not disturb”, would have even known, and i also was storing my breast dairy in the office!!

But there are other ways too. You can also use an electric or battery pump hand.Many mums hand after going back to work, use a pump It just what you get used to.

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Breastfeeding Tutorial E 13

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