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Chhavi Mittal Blessed With A Baby Boy, Announces His Unique Name …


Chhavi Mittal Blessed With A Baby Boy

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Pregnancy and motherhood is an exciting and overwhelming journey, which is unique to each woman. Yet, one thing that’s common to all is the joy that comes on holding the newborn for the first time. We’re sure every new mom would feel like shouting from the rooftops and sharing the good news. Actress Chhavvi Mittal did something similar when she delivered a bonny baby boy on May 13. No, she didn’t head to the rooftop but did it in a way almost akin to it. She posted a cute picture of the little angel’s fragile hand on her social media handle to share her joy on his arrival. She also announced his unique name along with the picture.

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He has been christened as Arham Hussain, which means most compassionate, kind, and merciful. Now, isn’t that a wonderful name with an equally wonderful meaning? We couldn’t agree more with the parents’ choice for their baby! Their long wait to see their baby was completely worth it. Long because Chhavi had delivered much after her due date, which was estimated in April

Chhavi Mittal, a beautiful and talented actress, has starred in a number of popular serials- both on television as well as digital media. She is married to Mohit Hussain, a director and is a co-founder along with him of ‘S.I.T’. She has also acted in a successful web series produced by her company. Both are already parents to a daughter, Areeza, who was born in December 2012. Chhavi shares a great bond with her daughter. This is probably why, according to her, she always wanted to have a second child. Going by their daughter’s name, it’s pretty evident that they have a penchant for unique names with a beautiful meaning. So, it came as no surprise when they revealed their little son’s name.

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One look at Chhavi’s Instagram handle is enough to suggest how much she enjoyed her second pregnancy. Her page is full of important anecdotes and emotional notes about her complete journey. From penning down strong notes to avoid smoking and smokers during gestation to sharing her day-to-day pregnancy struggles and side effects, she did it all. While doing so, she hoped that her journey would help fellow new moms gain new insights about pregnancy. This is precisely what she achieved when she posted the duration of her pregnancy. Because, it wasn’t the usual 9 months, but 10 months. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Not surprisingly, her post created quite a stir when she mentioned that she was well into her 10th month of pregnancy!


Just like us, most of her surprised followers on Instagram corrected her when she mentioned ’10th month’. They had assumed it was a typing error. However, in a separate post, Chhavi patiently explained how it was a common thing and absolutely normal for women to sometimes reach the 10th month of pregnancy to experience natural labor.

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For those who are unaware, a pregnant woman’s due date is calculated based on an estimate of when the baby will be full term and not when it will arrive. Sometimes, this date can also vary if you are not sure of your last menstrual period before you got pregnant (which usually happens). If everything still seems normal, your doctor will recommend you to wait even a week or two after your due date. Otherwise, your doctor might suggest inducing you if she feels you might be at some risk (1). Therefore, it is nothing to panic about if your pregnancy goes a little beyond the usual nine months. As long as your doctor is aware and there is no red flag, sit back and enjoy your pregnancy just the way Chhavi did.

Congratulations to Chhavi and Mohit! We wish the very best for little Arham Hussain and his doting sister Areeza!

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