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Dr Morales discusses exercising after breast augmentation…


Here is another educational video, I hope you find helpful. Exercising after breast augmentation. If you have been one of my patients, you’ve heard “the talk”. But if not, and you have implants, please just take some time to hear me out. I return all my post-breast augmentation patients “back to life” with no restrictions last 2 months. One of the biggest topics is exercising. There are 3 exercises that I strongly discourage. With a sub pectoral (under the muscle) augmentation, there is a risk of lateral displacement of the implant (called lateral malposition). This risk is very high in patients who insist on training their chest! Athletes such as bodybuilders, powerlifters, racquet sports I find, are the patients at highest risk. My goal is to reduce complications, and ensure a long lasting result after augmentation. For those women who may feel they have lateral malposition, a revision surgery may be indicated. Hope you like the video! Thanks for following!