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The Natural Breast Enlargement Basics You Need To Know…


In order to successfully increase your breast size naturally it’s a good idea to learn what exactly natural breast enlargement is and how to do it right. Once you fully understand what NBE is you’ll be able to achieve the breast growth you’re looking for much quicker and effectively.

What is Natural Breast Enlargemnt?

Any technique used to develop or enlarge breasts without the need of medical drugs or surgical procedures. Most natural breast enlargement methods involve the use of natural progesterones and estrogens from animal sources or herbal sources like fenugreek and pueraria mirifica. Some natural breast enlargement methods involve the use of breast massages that help the breasts grow naturally by stimulating blood supply around the breast area.

Some women utilize a combination of different natural breast enlargement methods in order to achieve the breast size they’re looking for. For example, you could utilize a breast pump called the Noogleberry while you also massage your breasts and take herbal supplements. It’s all about finding the right program or daily routine and sticking with it.

What’s Your Hormone Levels

In order to find the right method of natural breast enlargement and learn what combinations will be the most effective for you it’s important to know your own hormone levels. For example, if you get your hormones checked and you find out your hormones are more on the estrogen dominant side you can avoid taking herbs that have a high estrogen content, and take more herbs that are progesterone based.

If you find out you have a low amount of estrogen then you would know you need to utilize a method that’s more estrogen based. Also, when you get your hormone levels checked and you see that your testosterone levels are high you’ll know you need to begin taking herbs that are considered anti-androgens in order to lower it.

It’s a known fact that most women that have small breasts have experienced some kind of imbalance in their hormone levels, which is what caused the lack of breast development. Women that learn how to correct this hormone imbalance go on to successfully grow their breasts again.

You can go to a lab or clinic to get your hormones tested. However, there are some home testing kits you can buy from certain stores, which will give you an accurate reading on your hormone levels at home.

Check out this site – http://www.virginiahopkinstestkits.com/womentest.html to get an online test for FREE! This test isn’t one hundred percent accurate but at least it will give you a good idea as to where your hormone levels are at.

How To Get Started

When it comes to natural breast enlargement there are a few fundamentals you need to keep in mind when you’re getting started.

Liver Cleanse

Before you begin your natural breast enlargement program you need to cleanse your inner organs. Believe it or not, but the liver is essential when it comes to natural breast enlargement.

This is because the liver is responsible for producing IGF (a hormone responsible for creating new breast tissue), and it also converts excessive estradiol into safer estrone. Also, the liver is actually the organ that produces T3 in your body, which is what converts cholesterol into sex hormones (such as estrogen) that are responsible for creating new cell walls and cellular metabolism.

One way to cleanse your liver is to drink a glass of warm water with some lemon juice squeezed in it and a teaspoon of epsom salts. Drink this mixture when you first wake up in the morning and again at night when you’re going to bed.


There are certain foods you need to include in your natural breast enlargement routine. You have to remember that protein from animal sources is essential when it comes to tissue regeneration and growth in the body.

You also need to eat more vegetables, as they’ll give your body the vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals your body requires to grow your breasts the natural way. You won’t see much success growing your boobs naturally if you don’t eat the right foods in your daily diet.


Now that your liver is cleansed and you’re eating the right foods, it’s time to choose the herbal supplements for your natural breast enlargement program. You need a supplement that has all the herbal ingredients you need and none of the stuff you don’t need. Read the labels on supplements and avoid ones with synthetic ingredients.

Natural breast enlargement can work for anyone (male or female), and it doesn’t matter how old you are. With any program or routine you decide to utilize make sure you give it at least 6 months to see any noticeable results.

Some women see noticeable results within weeks of beginning a program, but every woman is different so it varies. It’s very rewarding to undergo the natural process and see good results. All you need is a little patience and dedication in order to get the breast size you always wanted naturally.


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