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This Mom Just Schooled Anyone Who Dares Think A C-Section Is The 'Easy Way Out

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If you have just welcomed your little angel into the world, many many congratulations to you! And, of course, you will be on cloud nine right now, with your munchkin in your arms. Obviously, the last nine months may not have been easy at all. Moreover, the childbirth can also be pretty excruciating. So, it comes as no surprise then that you feel on top of the world right now. But, there are these constant discussions post-childbirth that can really bring your ‘happy’ vibe down. One of these topics is whether your delivery was natural or Cesarean. Furthermore, there are also debates about whether or not you made the right choice.

Somehow, the decision to undergo a Cesarean delivery becomes a prey to a lot of criticism. There are many people who think that C-section is an easy way out, and many moms-to-be do so because they want to avoid all the ‘natural delivery’ pain. But, most mothers make this choice to ensure the well-being of both the baby and themselves.

The constant criticisms, however, can take an emotional toll on moms. One such mom is Raye Lee from Missouri who recently took to social media to put a stop to some of the rude, misinformed comments she got after people learned that she had a C-section delivery.

Mom Just Schooled Anyone Who Dares

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Raye’s post on the Cesarean delivery went viral; it got hundreds of comments and over 24k reactions. In her post, she first summed up everything that she has been told since her son’s birth. She mentioned how many people say that she really hasn’t had a delivery when they learn about the C-section surgery. Some people mock Raye about how it would have been nice for her, given how she got an easy way out.

Raye then goes ahead to school all those who made such comments. She emphasizes how her labor went on for nearly 38 hours, after which her son went into distress. The situation for her little one was so bad that every contraction which Raye took was literally stopping her baby’s heart. She then sarcastically mentions how this would surely have been a matter of convenience for her.

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Raye has even confirmed that undergoing a C-section delivery was not really her choice. She had to do so in order to ensure that her little one is safe. Again, she sarcastically remarks on how having major abdominal surgery is not really a big deal. And, everything was just easy-breezy for her.

However, later in the post, she clarifies about being sarcastic. Raye then says how it has been one of the most painful experiences of her life. She further explains how it is not easy to have a wailing infant being pulled out of an incision that is only five inches long; the incision is then further cut and pulled apart through layers of muscles, fat, and organs. This is done until the doctor can reach the baby within the womb.

Raye says how this experience was entirely different from how she had imagined the birth of her son to be. She then says how she belongs to this badass tribe of mothers and has a scar that proves this. Not only this, but Raye also talks about how the recovery was also pretty hard. So, it actually sounds ironical when she reads the words “easy way out”.

Raye ends her post by mentioning how she is a strong woman; not just for herself but also for her precious, little son. She says that she can literally do anything for her son. And, isn’t this what being a mom is all about?

Kudos to Raye for her courage in pouring her heart out, and thereby, giving the strength to millions of women out there!

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