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Your Kid Needs Calcium! Here’s A Delicious Way To Include This Vi…


Delicious Way To Include This Vital Mineral In Their Diet

Kids are fussy eaters! And nobody knows that as well as a mom does. I’ve been there too so I know. Kids just don’t like eating anything healthy! The struggle is real. Especially when you know that without minerals and vitamins in their diet, the growth and development of your child can suffer.

A mineral that’s really important for the growth of children and equally hard to make them have it is calcium. Kids these days just don’t like having milk! Unless, of course, it’s part of ice cream or calorie-rich, junk milkshake. My 7-year-old is just the same and refuses to get his dose of calcium-rich milk even if I flavor it with a chocolate health drink. It’s worrisome, naturally.

worrisome, naturally

You see calcium is very important for children. We only get one shot at having strong bones and that is by having plenty of calcium during childhood. Not getting the required daily dose of calcium can cause rickets – a condition in which bones become soft.

On an average, a 4-8 years old child needs 1000mg of calcium/day; while a 9-18-year-old needs 1300mg/day. That means around 2-3 servings for 4 to 8-year olds and 4 servings for 9 to 18-year olds per day! Giving a child that dose is not easy. But it is necessary nonetheless as calcium has many benefits-

  • Calcium strengthens a child’s jawbones so that their teeth are in place

  • This mineral is quite effective in improving oral health as it protects the teeth from oral bacteria and also helps in healing the damage caused by bacteria by serving as a re-mineralization agent for the enamel
  • Calcium helps in the regulation of the muscle’s contraction, which is inclusive of the heart’s beating
  • Calcium can not only help fight obesity but can also help in preventing diseases such as colon cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis

Knowing that calcium is crucial for my son really got me worried as to how he’ll get it. Luckily, Colgate came to my rescue! Yes, Colgate indeed! They sent me a #ColgateDailyCalcium hamper containing all these calcium-rich foods (which I could rustle up into a delicious meal) along with a very special product, which I’ll talk about after the recipe!

which I’ll talk about after the recipe!

Crunchy, Chocolaty, Calcium-rich Cornflakes Recipe

So I got a lot of goodies in the #ColgateDailyCalcium hamper! It was packed with Ragi Banana cereal, fresh cream, cream cheese, pistachios, dates, and that special product. The abundance of calcium in this hamper inspired me to give a crunchy, chocolaty spin to cornflakes, which I knew my son would love!


Take a standard cereal bowl and add ragi banana cereal to it. Pour some cream and add chopped dates (de-seeded) and pistachios and mix well. Add a little bit of cream to give the whole thing a smooth texture. Top off with a dollop of cream cheese and a generous sprinkling of chocolate syrup!

This simple, calcium-rich breakfast is sure to be a hit with the kids! All thanks to Colgate. Now I know you want to know about the special product, so here it is-

In the hamper was Colgate’s very own Strong Teeth Toothpaste. You might think it’s any other toothpaste but it’s not! Not only does it help strengthen and whiten teeth and prevent cavities and germs from taking over, but it also adds to your child’s daily calcium dose! How? Colgate Dental Cream adds calcium naturally to your child’s teeth with the help of the saliva’s fluoride action! Isn’t that amazing? You can be sure that your child’s teeth are safe from all the junk as long as Colgate’s in your house!

So, if you want your child to meet their calcium requirements, get Colgate. Two lucky mommies can get the chance of winning the #ColgateDailyCalcium hamper too! Stay tuned for details.


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